For Indian woman life has changed radically. With globalization, fast food culture, moving out of house, lifestyle problems have started occuring and obesity & weight gain is one of them. Other problems being, hormonal changes due to puberty, child birth, stress, health complications etc. Food restrictions and exercises do not help, due to lack of discipline and time.

Make up your mind

First of all, you have to accept that you are overweight. And, you must do something about it. Then you must be prepared to give yourself, 6 months to an year, for this purpose. Don’t worry, once you have decided it, you will accomplish it, sooner or later. Better be slow and steady – Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Now comes the time to organize your diet and food habits. There will be temptations. We are surrounded by unhealthy street foods and snacks like gol gappas, chaats and pakoras, cookies, burgers, pastries. If you can’t avoid them, limit them to once a fortnight or month as a bonus for sticking to your largely healthy diet.

Oriflame Nutrishake

To help you in your weight reduction aim, Oriflame has brought in nutritious drinks for you. You can start your day with Oriflame Nutrishake, along with fruits, cereals, oats, conflakes etc. Otherwise, you may want to go in for fresh fruit juice or milk. Vegetarians can get their supply of proteins from Oriflame Protein Shake. Non-vegetarians get their proteins supply from eggs etc.

Oriflame Nutrishake is a wonderful protein drink which comes in three flavors of Vanilla, Strawberry and Mango-Banana. You may want to complement your breakfast or excercise routine with this health-drink. It will keep you satisfied and nourished. You can savour this drink in between meals too, whenever you feel hunger pangs striking. It is perfect blend of proteins, carbohydrates and fibres. It revitalizes your body within minutes, aiding in better functioning and making one feel healthier and more energetic.

It helps you in weight reduction too. Obesity is often a hindrance in living life to the fullest. It drains your energy within a few minutes. Oriflame Nutrishake can help you lead active life and help in weight reduction. It will help you build a lean mass and build a well shaped body.

Oriflame Nutrisoup

Here’s another offering of Oriflame. You can begin your meals with Oriflame Nutrisoups too. Balance your diets with lot of salads and carbohydrate rich rice, wheat, pulses, green vegetables. Oriflame Nutrisoup will help you in maintaining your health, while aiding you in loosing your weight.

Oriflame Nutrisoup can be a good substitue for mid-day tea. Try taking it with fruits and nuts. Your body will thank you !

You can get in touch with our Wellness Expert, at PrettyChehra Beauty and Wellness Point, who can help you with Wellness Roadmap. Please go through these Success Stories of persons, who took up the Wellness Challenge and effectively reduced their weight