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Important Information

  • Oriflame, has been recognized by Govt. Of India.
  • Joining Oriflame is absolutely FREE..
  • To join Oriflame as a Consultant, you need to submit SELF ATTESTED COPY OF YOUR AADHAAR CARD, with Oriflame Company..
  • Please get your AADHAAR CARD photocopied and put your SIGNATURE on that PHOTOCOPY. Also, please write “ONLY FOR ORIFLAME USE” on it.
  • Take a picture of your SELF ATTESTED AADHAAR CARD copy and send it to my WhatsApp number, 92 10 05 11 06.
  • Now, please fill your details in the JOINING FORM below.
  • After received your details and picture of your SELF ATTESTED AADHAAR CARD, I will get you registered with Oriflame and you can start your business, thereafter.

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