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“The most knowledgeable Oriflame Consultant, I have ever met.”

“WOW, I don’t really know what else to say. Balvinder Kaur has expansive knowledge about Oriflame products and business. Her dedication to Oriflame blows me away. She has mentored numerous Consultants, including me, from nobodies to peaks of success. I always look forward to work with her. Every meeting with her teaches you, something new. WOW-AMAZING!”
Seema Arora (Independent Oriflame Director)
All my life, I have been using Oriflame products…have bought from so many people…but, Balvinder is truly amazing…her response is quick and she pays genuine attention towards my needs !! Both my daughter and I, always consult Balvinder, regarding our Skin Care and grooming needs !! I know, Oriflame products are safe !! highly recommended !!

Dr. Roma Grover, Oriflame products user

Let me say something. You have an amazing range of products and marvelous. You helped me on a weekend. This is what I call an “extra mile” in customer relationship. I give you, 5 stars for the service and products usage guidance.

Ashpinder Kaur, Oriflame products user

I am a beautician. I know, what goes into beauty products. I know, where do Oriflame products stand. Right, at the top! I have been recommending Oriflame products to my long-time customers, who trust me with their lives. How can I cheat them? I would like to recommend these to every one interested in taking care of themselves. The products are very convenient to use and give desired results.
Nowadays, I have started using Oriflame Wellness products and have been feeling wonderful effects on my heavy body. I have reduced 8 kilos, in 2 months. I remain energetic all day long, now. My friends have also started purchasing Wellness products from me, after seeing such favourable effects of these products on my body.

Reena, Beautician & Oriflame Consultant

I never knew, Oriflame caters to men also. I went to look for answers to my questions and quickly realized, I had been missing, your products, all my life. It has so many wonderful products for men. I wish I had discovered Oriflame earlier. Thank you for your very professional and prompt response.

Jagjit Singh, Astt. Sub Inspector - Delhi Police, Oriflame products user

Oriflame’s Hallmarks

  • Changing lives of 36 lakh Consultants in 67 countries worldwide, since year 1967

  • Oriflame is an international beauty company selling direct to customers, in 67 countries worldwide

  • Oriflame has been approved by Govt. of India

  • Has 5 production units worldwide. One each, in India, Sweden, Poland, China and Russia

  • Oriflame’s products are made from natural ingredients only

  • All packagings of Oriflame’s products are completely re-cycleable

  • None of the Oriflame’s products are tested on animals, before or after manufacturing. They are tested on Human volunteers.

  • Oriflame is a Co-founder of the World Childhood Foundation

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