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I have been associated with Oriflame, for 15 years. I was a teacher, earlier. Now, I am a Senior Gold Director with Oriflame. Today, my life style has turned amazingly better. Today, I dine at fancy restaurants, purchase nice clothes, without thinking of the bill. I drive a car of my own, bought from my Oriflame earnings. Moreover, sponsored by Oriflame, I have traveled extensively, in India and abroad. I thank Oriflame daily, for transforming my life.

I am always willing to guide women who want to work from home. I wish to empower, Indian woman. Other day, somebody helped me. And, today, I want to guide you to realize your potential and broaden your horizons. You may be working…you may not be working…you may be working part-time…we have got something for everybody…

In my daily interactions with people of various hues and cultures, I felt the need of a 24 x 7 help tool, that could act as a guiding tool, towards making you financially independent. And help you, take care of all your grooming needs, both online and offline. Thus PrettyChehra.com was born.

  • I bring you, Income OpportunityMoney-Money-Money…Everyone loves money…You can never have enough money. I can help you earn money, ranging from few hundred Rupees to few lakh Rupees every month, for rest of your life.
  • I bring you Knowledge, that can help you earn, your place in this world.
  • I bring you Top of the World Beauty Products, made from natural ingredients and packed in recyclable packaging. Our products are not tested on animals, during development and research.
  • I bring you the knowledge about how to use these products and help you look ever young and radiant, from top to toe.

The Pillars of Pretty Chehra are :

Background : Pretty Chehra team has been professionally trained by the leading cosmetics Company, Oriflame. Oriflame, has been extremely successful in providing respectable livelihood to millions of women and men, around the world, for last 51 years. It is a forerunner in launching innumerable cosmetics and grooming products, all over the world. It has presence in so many cultures around the world that we can safely say, that Oriflame never sleeps. It is present in 60+ countries worldwide, including India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Poland, Sweden, France, Chile.

Expertise : We are friendly, knowledgeable, dedicated and work hard to make you happy. Pretty Chehra team, keeps on constantly updating and re-training themselves in latest methodologies, techniques and trends that regularly keep on appearing around us. Endeavouring to make you successful is a constant effort from our side.

Extreme convenience : My Pretty Chehra team, provides all the guidance to you, at your convenience, at the time and place of your choosing. Pretty Chehra team is adept in using all forms of communications and social media platforms.

Budget : I help you choose products that suit your pocket, along with the relevant knowledge as to, how to use them, Totally FREE – OF – CHARGE.

We have got Un-paralleled business opportunity…

We have got grooming products…

We give out grooming tips & knowledge

We look forward to counting you as one of our distinguished Team Member.

Let’s not wait…Get in touch…See you soon…

Balvinder Kaur (M. Phil, B. Ed)
Oriflame Senior Gold Director

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Earning insane amount of Rupees and helping others’ earn insane amount of Rupees
Having knowledge of latest beauty trends
Hardworking & Sincere
Oriflame products are completely natural
Beauty and Product advice is completely FREE